Decorating the Nursery – The World is More Than Blue and Pink

Congratulations. You simply learned you’re having a boy. So you’re likely to paint the nursery blue and fill it with nursery art prints in young boy themes. If the sonogram lets you know it’s a girl, pink is in order and so are hearts and flowers and girly ruffles. There’s nothing wrong with the standard nursery. The majority of us spent my youth in them and they served us well.

Nevertheless now that individuals know ahead of time the gender of our kids, we have the full time, if not the money, to produce their rooms fantastic. It doesn’t really have a lot of money; all it will take is just a little imagination. Take a go through the rest of one’s home. What colors perhaps you have chosen for the rooms you reside in? If your walls are white, well, shame on you. Where’s your sense of adventure. Maybe it’s your youngster who’ll lead the way. Pick a color you like – mint green – mango – raspberry sorbet. Any of these would look nice on the walls and paint stores is likely to be happy to mix the color of one’s choice. If the notion of a silly color terrifies you, remember, it’s only paint. If you absolutely hate it, you are able to paint it over again – or rather your husband can perform it. Besides, it’ll keep him occupied during those last few weeks when all you would like is some peace and quiet.

There’s still a lot to be said for white baby furniture. After all, a white crib may be clothed with colorful crib sheets and bumper pads. And crisp white can look awesome against those beautifully painted walls. The selection of sheets and pillows and bumper pads and changing table pads are unlimited. Go on the web and just browse. What does your household like to do? Are you a household of bike riders? Hikers? Sailors? There’s something to accommodate every kind of recreation in the sale of nursery linens.

Think about the walls. How about a piece of art depicting boats? Yes, I said art. Who said that art is just for grownups. Art and art photography are now actually affordable, thanks again to the internet. Rather than a lame illustration, choose a bold sailing photo or a beautifully painted seascape. In a white frame to contrast with the mint green or raspberry sorbet walls, that painting or photograph will light the room.

If you actually want animals for the walls of the nursery, great. Find some beautifully painted or photographed animals and frame those prints to give your youngster a view of nature. Realistic paintings or photographs stimulate the senses and we know babies benefit from stimulation.

Anything you choose for your baby’s room, understand that babies grow into toddlers all too soon. An area that’s decorated for a kid, rather than just an infant, is less likely to need redecorating a couple of years down the road. And that’s the best thing because that which you don’t want to know from your own three-year-old is “Mommy, I’d like a large boy room.” Make his nursery a room he is able to enjoy for decades and everyone is likely to be happy.

Carol Knopf holds degrees in journalism and law and spent over 20 years in the legal and corporate worlds. In 2004, she was forced to leave work after being diagnosed with a life-threatening lung disease. 

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